Modular Buildings

Is your business growing? Modular buildings allow for quick installation, giving you the ability to expand your facility or move to another location without a lot of effort. From a simple receiving supervisors’ office to a complete one- or two-story facility, you can have a modular office installed for much less than a traditional office remodel. Voss Equipment’s expert personnel can help you choose and install the right modular office for your operation.

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Modular Clean Rooms
A modular or pre-fab clean room can provide an ISO 4-8 classified clean room in far less time that a traditional build. Our modular clean rooms are a durable option for pharmaceutical, medical, and industrial environments that can be installed in a matter of weeks with minimal disruptions to your operations. Contact us today for a quote.
Modular Control Rooms
Modular control rooms give your supervisors visual access to the warehouse floor without having to be on the warehouse floor. These free-standing modular buildings are customizable to your facility needs and provide a quiet space for your employees and sensitive equipment. Our control rooms are assembled on site and can be reconfigured as needed. Contact us for a quote.
Inplant Buildings
Inplant buildings are used for a wide-range of purposes, from office space to break rooms, conference rooms to locker rooms. Whatever type of standalone, defined space your facility is in need of, an inplant building is a low-cost and effective solution. Contact us today to learn about all of the ways you can customize our modular buildings for your application.
Modular Office Buildings
Modular office buildings offer the flexibility to be easily reconfigured as your office space needs grow or change. These spaces are designed to be completely flexible, reusable, one or two story office building within your warehouse to give your management team a separate space to get work done. Available in pre-fab quick ship option or custom configurations.