Slip Sheet Forklift Attachments for Sale

Push pull forklift attachments are a great option if you move a lot of product and want to reduce your operating costs. Voss Equipment is proud to be a reliable partner for all your material handling needs. We’ve provided quality service in the Chicago metro area for over 80 years. Find slip sheet forklift attachments and solutions to all your forklift needs with us. Call today or visit your nearest location.

Push Pull Forklift Attachments Near Chicago

A push pull forklift attachment is a hydraulic attachment that you can easily install on your forklift, attaching over the original forklift forks. The attachment is designed to work with slip sheets, which replace traditional pallets for a lower cost.

The push pull attachment consists of three parts: the facelift, the grabber, and the platens (wide forks). The grabber grips onto the slip sheet and smoothly pulls the product onto the wide forks. To drop off, place the load over a pallet and push as you reverse to drop the products into position.

Forklift operators will need to practice how to use the push pull attachment because it's different from traditional forklift usage. If you need training for your team, contact us about our forklift training programs.

Save Time & Money with a Push Pull Forklift Attachment

Using push pull forklift attachments is one of the most economical ways to handle a wide variety of products. Benefits include:

  • The slip sheets are much less expensive than pallets (About $1 per slip sheet).

  • Decreases loading and unloading time.

  • Maximizes usable space in shipping units and warehouses

  • Weighs 20x less than traditional pallets.

  • Reduces waste in the supply chain.

  • Slip sheets are recyclable; good for conservation efforts. 

  • Reduce the chance of damaged goods and unsafe work environments due to broken pallets.

Push pull attachments work best when you’re moving a large quantity of evenly-loaded goods. You shouldn’t use this attachment for uneven loads or loads that are poorly stacked. These are great for industries like food & beverage, construction, pharmaceutical, agriculture, cement, manufacturing, shipping and handling, and many more.

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