Safety Training

Our group training classes will enable your team to safely operate any of the heavy equipment we sell, including forklifts. Safety training is not only a smart investment but required by OSHA laws. We offer flexible classes that we can tailor to your specific operation. All operators who complete the class will receive a certificate.

Our expert trainers will also be able to make sure that your whole operation is in compliance with OSHA requirements. We’ll look for any potential hazards or areas to improve and help you to correct them.

If you want to establish your own in-house trainer, we also offer train-the-trainer courses. You’ll be able to get one of your team members certified to train your operators. Contact us to learn more about our safety training certification classes.

Safety-Related Equipment

Did you know that there are as many as 20,000 injuries in forklift accidents each year? Protect your workers and your products with the right safety equipment.

We have everything you need, including horns, signs, floor tape, wheel chokes, control switches, and much more.

Call us today and ask about our industrial safety equipment.

Warehouse Solutions at Voss Equipment

Learn more about the various warehouse solutions Voss Equipment has to offer. Consult with our experts today and learn how you can increase productivity and maximize your warehouse potential.

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News & Announcements

  • Leading the Charge in Electrification
    Recently, Toyota Materials Handling announced it will be ceasing production of many Internal Combustion Engine lift truck models with LPG and gasoline fuel systems due to a delay in attaining 2021U.S. emissions certifications.
  • We Have An Announcement!
    To better serve you and improve our business processes, we are implementing a significant upgrade to our Parts & Service Departments