Protect Your Bottom Line

A poorly-managed fleet can be a huge drain on your budget. Overlooked maintenance, equipment redundancies, and other inefficiencies are all easy to miss amid everything else you have to do in a day. That’s why Voss Equipment’s fleet management services are the cost-effective way to run your material handling business.

Managed with Data

Data analysis helps you get the full picture of your fleet, so you can make smarter decisions, faster. Our cost efficient fleet operation and resource management tool includes site equipment evaluation, data analysis, consolidated central billing, scheduled maintenance, and full service programs.

Warehouse Solutions at Voss Equipment

Learn more about the various warehouse solutions Voss Equipment has to offer. Consult with our experts today and learn how you can increase productivity and maximize your warehouse potential.

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News & Announcements

  • Voss Equipment Gives Back
    On 12/19 VOSS EQUIPMENT, INC. had the honor of sponsoring the Sleep in Heavenly Peace - Kankakee beds for children event.
  • Mission of the Century
    Material handling equipment necessary to make sure the vaccines get to the American people.