If you're looking for quality forklifts at a great price, Voss Equipment is sure to have just what you need. We carry a full line of Utilev forklifts that are reliable, cost effective across many different industries. Utilev manufactures a wide range of IC counterbalance forklift trucks that are expertly designed to meet the needs of light to medium duty operating environments. Contact us today to learn more about Utilev forklifts.

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Utilev, the utility lift truck manufacturer, displays its brand image in a medium-sized font with grey lettering.

Service & Offering with Utilev Equipment

Voss Equipment's variety of forklifts ensures that we'll have something to meet your warehousing or material handling needs, regardless of the material or terrain. Utilev forklifts are no exception, and the straight forward design makes them easy to operate and versatile for different environments.

  • Simple to use, easy to maintain and affordable to own
  • Quick & easy servicing options
  • The ergonomically designed operator compartment helps drivers work more comfortably during handling operations