Star EV

Star EV's industrial utility trucks are electricity-powered for energy efficiency and lasting use. They're manufactured in several models, including dump trucks for industrial disposal operations and heavy-load utility trucks with a 2,200 pound capacity. These vehicles' capabilities and adaptability make them a top choice for warehouse use. Star EV's electric utility vehicles are just as rugged, heavy-duty and long-lasting as their gas-powered counterparts, and they’re the company of choice for environmentally conscious material handling operations.

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Star Electric Vehicles, displays the large branded image of its name "Star EV" in gold and green lettering that is within an oval.

Service & Offering with Star EV

Voss Equipment is proud to offer Star EV line of energy-efficient industrial vehicles. From golf cars and people movers to rugged, off-road vehicles, every electric vehicle from Star EV is designed with durability in mind. Give us a call today to see what a Star EV electric vehicle can do for your business.

  • Easy maintenance, long-lasting
  • 48-volt cars go up to 60 miles on a full charge
  • Powerful AC/DC motors
  • Street legal-approved