Voss Equipment is proud to offer the Landoll Drexel Swingmast lift trucks series. The SwingMast's four-trucks-in-one design offers supreme functionality – it operates like a conventional counterbalanced truck, a reach truck, a sideloader and a turret track. This product line is made to easily maneuver through warehouse aisles as narrow as 4 1/2 feet, making it the ideal lift truck for cramped warehouse environments. Get in touch with Voss Equipment today for a demonstration of this unique forklift.

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Service & Offering with Drexel

The Drexel Swingmast forklift’s innovative design allows drivers to rotate the mass assembly 90°, making for more efficient operations and saving you time. At Voss Equipment, we offer complete repair and maintenance services with Drexel forklifts, as well as forklift operator training courses.

  • Operates in aisles as narrow as 4 1/2'
  • 3,000 to 12,000 lb capacity
  • Three or four-stage masts
  • Electric or LP Gas available.

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Articulated & Swing Mast Forklifts

Get the most out of your warehouse storage space with an innovative articulated master forklift from Drexel. The Swingmast’s design allows drivers to rotate the mast assembly 90° in order to pick or place loads without the need to turn the forklift – the space savings you get with these unique machines is impressive. Give the call today to talk about whether an articulated forklift is right for your operation.