Bendi designs and manufactures a full line of narrow aisle and very narrow aisle lift trucks, which allow a more economical use of warehouse space. This equipment allows you and your staff to move with ease through even the most high-density warehouse, and the supreme maneuverability makes them ideal for congested work spaces. They also feature unparalleled stacking ability. Make the most of your warehouse space with a narrow aisle or very narrow aisle forklift from Bendi.

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Bendi, the forklift truck manufacturer, displays the branded image of its name "Bendi" in bubble yellow font.

Service & Offering with Bendi

Through Voss Equipment's partnership with the Landoll Corporation, we’re proud to offer Bendi's full line of narrow aisle and very narrow aisle lift trucks. Along with complete sales, service, and maintenance support, we also offer forklift operator training courses for all of the Bendi equipment we carry.

  • Two or three-stage masts
  • 2,500-3,000 lb capacity
  • Driver-centric, ergonomic design
  • Stand up compact models