Zephir is pleased to present on the market LOK E, rail – road vehicle equipped with electrical motor. Progression of LOK range, the LOK E has two 30 kW electrical motors (instead of diesel engine, one for each axle, 1000 Ah, 80 V battery powered.
This vehicle could be on and off – tracked from railways and it can cross tracks to perform cross terminal movements  quickly and efficiently at a smaller costs than the LOK range. LOK E range enhances the environmental role in Zephir strategies, that is more and more engaged in designing non – polluting vehicle.

DriveBattery Powered
Operator type (road mode)Operator Seated
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4800x2500x3375mm
Service weight14t
Max. drawbar pull30kN
Max. towing capacity 600t
Max. rail speed unloaded/loaded30km/h
Mechanical Transmission- (fwd/rev) speeds1/1
Drive motors rating (power system, quantity)30 x 2- (AC) KW
On board battery charger80/150 x (2)V/A