CRAB 1500 is a rail/road electric locotractor with really reduced dimension.
On road mode, it is driven by a ground operator through a steering wheel. On rail mode the CRAB 1500 works only with remote control.
Once located on the rails, the vehicle is positioned under the buffers, with a length exceed of only few centimeters.
It is fitted to working on reduced areas or to towing one or two wagons.

DriveCrab 1600 E
Battery powered
Crab 1800 E
Battery powered
Operator type (road mode)PedestrianPedestrian
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm2180x1830x15502180x1830x1550
Service weightt44
Max. drawbar pullkN1518
Max. towing capacity t300360
Max. rail speed unloaded/loadedkm/h5/25/2
Rail drive motor rating (power system)kW7,5 (AC)12 (AC)
Acid lead battery with centralized refilling system , voltage/nominal capacityV/Ah80/35080/350
On board battery chargerV/Ah80/6080/60
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