Yale Materials Handling Corporation is proud to announce the Yale® ERP080-100VM, our newest addition to the pneumatic tire, drop battery box, electric sit-down rider lift truck product line. Continuing to bridge the gap between outdoor internal combustion engine (ICE) applications and indoor electric applications, the new ERP080-100VM, available in 8,000, 9,000 and 10,000 lb. models provides an environmentally friendly option for industries that have historically been ICE applications. These new models round out the Yale offering with “Zero Emissions” pneumatic tire alternatives for 3,000 to 10,000 lb. capacity applications.

The ERP080-100VM is available in an 80-volt configuration, includes a computer-designed and tested frame, dual IP54 rated AC drive motors, zero turn radius steer axle and the Continuous Stability System (CSS™). The truck includes an industrial drive axle assembly that features wet disc brakes and planetary gearing. To promote added durability and quiet operation, high quality precision ground, high contact ratio gears are utilized. Wet disc brakes are employed in conjunction with the power assist braking system to reduce brake effort, extend brake life, provide increased stopping power and eliminate brake squeal that is sometimes associated with drum brakes.