Operator Productivity

Your operators push it to the limit each week.


Running all 26.2 miles of a marathon requires months of training, preparation and the right tools to perform at your peak on race day.  Lift truck operators travel the equivalent of two marathons each week.  The warehouse is like their marathon route and you can help them set a personal best with efficiency-enhancing solutions that enable them to get more out of each shift.  

The new Yale End Rider has the technology and ergonomics to turn your operator productivity up to elite levels.  

  • Precision pick: Allows for precise control of truck placement in both directions, helping shave feet (and seconds!) off of each pick
  • Smart Acceleration: Includes two acceleration profiles based on application, load and task to help pick up the pace
  • Smart Cruise: Allows operators to set speed and relax their wrist, improving ergonomics for long distances
  • Operator Platform: Keeps operators fresh and in control, with more usable foot space than leading competitors

Now help them unlock even greater productivity!