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Voss Equipment's variety of lift truck types ensures that we'll have something to meet your warehousing or material handling needs - however exacting they may be. Our industrial lift trucks maximize your operation's efficiency by performing heavy-duty lifting and servicing functions. Please read on to learn which of our lift truck types is right for your industrial operation.

Yale Lift Trucks Yale

Voss Equipment's industrial lift truck types include Gas, LP Gas and Diesel Trucks; Electric Rider Trucks; Narrow Aisle Trucks and Motorized Hand Trucks. Each truck line has a heavy load capability, and is designed for high-efficiency operations. Yale lift truck products come with a variety of standard features and are backed by the expertise of our trained and dependable support staff.

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Landoll Lift Trucks Landoll

Landoll designs and manufactures a full line of Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle lift trucks, which allow a more economical use of warehouse space. Clients who use these products have watched their workplace functionality and productivity markedly increase. Please try this product line for a solution to your material handling and space utilization problems.

Landoll Lift Trucks
Drexel Lift Trucks Drexel

Drexel lift trucks' compact design makes them the optimal choice for navigating cramped, narrow facility aisles. They're constructed for use in aisles as narrow as 4- 1/2 feet and feature a four-trucks-in-one design that maximizes efficiency and production. Drexel's lift trucks make navigation easy and cut employee downtime.

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Yale Hand Trucks Yale

Yale's Motorized Hand Trucks are among the most convenient of all material handling products. Available in several models and equipped with Tow Tractors - amongst other features - they can be adapted to nearly any industrial workplace. As with every Voss Equipments item, purchase of this equipment entitles you to our extensive range of product support services.

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